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Getting To The Rogers Centre: 510 Spadina Replacement Bus

Many Blue Jays fans use the 510 Spadina streetcar to get to the Rogers Centre because it is usually not as busy as the subway to Union, and that it drops them right off at Bremner Boulevard near gate 11. However, just like many Blue Jays starters, the 510 streetcars will not be in operation for the remainder of the season.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will be doing major reconstruction to the streetcar right-of-way that runs down the middle of Spadina Avenue in order to make it compatible with the recently-purchased low-floor streetcars.

During the construction, replacement busses will be running on Spadina Avenue and will be stopping at curb-side (not at the platforms in the middle of the road).

I recently spoke with TTC CEO Andy Byford and he told me that they have planned for four extra busses will be ordered to assist the 510 route during Blue Jays and Argonauts home games. In addition, service levels on the 509 Harbourfront streetcar, which runs from Union Station to Spadina, have been increased for the summer period to one every 2-4 minutes.

So Blue Jays fans headed down to the Rogers Centre by public transit this weekend and for the rest of the season can take a variety of routes:

  • Subway to Union and walking to Rogers Centre (~1.2 km walk)
  • Subway to St. Andrew and walking to Rogers Centre (~1.1 km walk)
  • Subway to Union and taking the 509 Harbourfront streetcar to Rees Street and walk to the Rogers Centre (~410 m walk)
  • Taking the 510 Spadina replacement bus to Bremner Boulevard (~250 m walk)

I personally recommend walking to St. Andrew and taking the subway from there because of the crowding at Union, but it might not work for everyone.