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BBBWA Award: Play Of The Month For May

Which play should win the BBBWA Award for Play of the Month for May 2012?
Which play should win the BBBWA Award for Play of the Month for May 2012?

In a new feature for 2012, that started last month, readers are encouraged to vote for the Bluebird Banter Writers' Association Awards in three categories: Pitcher of the Month, Play of the Month, and Player of the Month. Yesterday, we released our ballot for Pitcher of the Month. This morning, we released the ballot for Player of the Month.

We are now opening the ballot for the Play of the Month and we are asking you to vote for what you thought was the best play completed by the Toronto Blue Jays in May 2012, using whatever definition of "best" you like.

The plays nominated for the award all received at least 2 nominations from Bluebird Banter staff, and are listed in reverse chronological order. A play could be any highlight occurring on the field of play--whether it is a web gem or a fantastic pitch, or a game-winning homer.

So which play did you vote as your favourite Blue Jays highlight of the month? Were there any plays not listed that we should have nominated? I know that there are quite a few "honourable mentions" from the BBB staff that did not make it onto the list.

This poll will be open until Wednesday, June 6 10:30 am eastern. Official announcements of the winners will be made before Wednesday's game, so stay tuned!

Nominees and videos after the jump!


Brett Lawrie's sliding catch in foul territory (May 29)

Omar Vizquel's snag of a line drive (May 17)

Brett Lawrie barehanding a bunted ball and flipping to J.P. Arencibia at home to get the runner (May 13)

Eric Thames backing up Brett Lawrie on a foul popup (May 12)

Embedded video of the highlights from Click on any of the video to start playing and click on it again to watch on the player.