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Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Leader Board for June 3

Today we have an early Pick 6 deadline, there is a 1:00 Eastern game and since today is the start of a new t-shirt contest, get those picks in.

Here is yesterday's leader board.

Rank Player Points
1 SGD143 67.8
2 PM23 63.1
3 mikestones 55.9
4 jay_tee_slash 54.9
5 TheCapo 49.9
6 Keith6996 46.7
7 hansdampf 45.6
8 Blue and White Expat 44.2
9 JaysDekker 43.7
10 MDBlueJayfan 43.7

I don't want to talk about how I did, the moral of the story is 'don't pick a Pirate reliever'. Joel Hanrahan was a big -8.6 even though he picked up the save in his game.

We'll have last week's prize winners in the next little bit.