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MLB Draft Prediction Thread

The draft starts tonight at 7:00 Eastern and the Jays have 5 picks in the first round. Nice that I'll have something else to focus on today as we have a kitchen renovation that is just starting, I was packing up kitchen stuff right up to the moment the man with hammers came to the door. It has become very loud in my house so I'm running out for lunch.

But first I thought we'd have an open thread to let people post their guesses for who the Jays will pick in the first round. Woodman663 did a great 3 part preview of the draft (Part One, Part Two and Part Three), MjwW put up an Draft Open Thread with a ton links (here), SB Nation's Minor League Ball has been all over the draft and, of course, every baseball site there is has is talking about the draft.

So, make your predictions for who you think the Jays will pick in the first round.