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2012 MLB Draft Open Thread

The 2012 draft is to start at 7:00 Eastern. Use this thread to talk about the draft as it is happening.

The Blue Jays first pick is number 17, and the first round picking doesn't go quick, so it will take awhile to get to our pick. but then number 22 will come up soon after that. You'll have time to get a beer (or 3) before our next pick at 50. Then 58 and 60 come soon after. Number 60 is the last pick of the day. Tomorrow they start again on round 2 and continue to round 15, starting at 12:00 Eastern. Rounds 16-50 will happen Wednesday, starting again at 12:00 Eastern and going rapid fire until they finish round 40.

It is a fun 3 days for baseball fans.