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Blue Jays First Pick in the 2012 MLB Draft: D.J. Davis, OF

The Jays, picking 17th overall in the first round, take D.J. Davis, Stone County High School OF from Wiggins, MS with their first pick. Left handed bat, fast, 6'1", 180. says

Comments: Players who make a charge up draft boards are said to have "helium." Davis was floating up about as quickly as anyone in the class. Scouts have always known about Davis's speed. It's a plus -- he might be the fastest player in the Draft class -- and he knows how to use it, showing base-stealing acumen as well as very good range in center field. What's made him a more complete prospect is how far he's come with the bat. He's showing the ability to use a better approach and hit the gaps, developing from a guy who can run to a guy who can hit and run. He doesn't have a great arm, but it's playable in center and the rest of his defensive tools are outstanding. More than anything, Davis plays with high energy and seems to understand his game, profiling as a dynamic leadoff hitter type at the next level.

Kevin Goldstein says

Blue Jays take D.J. Davis. Absolutely CRAZY speed, and he's not just a slap hitter.

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