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Blue Jays Fourth Pick in the 2012 MLB Draft: Mitch Nay, 3B

The Jays, picking 58th overall, in the Supplemental Round pick Mitch Nay, 3B out of Hamilton High School, Arizona. MLB says:

Comments: The high school third baseman's name was moving up Draft boards as he capped off a so-so senior season extremely well. His calling card is his raw power, which some think will be at least above average, perhaps even plus. The question is more about his ability to hit, which projects more as fringy average. He made some adjustments to his mechanics at the plate, going from being bent over at the waist early in the year to standing up a little taller, and it paid dividends. He has the arm to play third, but his footwork isn't great, and some wonder if he'll stay there. A move to an outfielder corner might make sense. Whoever takes him will be buying the power bat, and it could result in him coming off the board on the first day of the Draft.