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Blue Jays Fifth Pick in the 2012 MLB Draft: Tyler Gonzales, RHP.

The Jays, picking 60th overall in the Supplemental Round pick and the last pick of the opening day of the draft pick
Tyler Gonzales, RHP. He is from James Madison High School in Texas. He's 6'2", 175. says:

Comments: Gonzales is more thrower than pitcher, but guys who can throw as hard as he can will always generate interest. Also a shortstop who could potentially play and pitch at the University of Texas, most think he should pitch as a professional. That might be because he has a potentially plus fastball, one he's cranked up to 96 mph in the past. He throws a slider which shows glimpses of being a good power breaking ball. There's effort to his delivery and his command is spotty. He's also not the biggest or most physical pitcher, causing concern to some about his durability. Gonzales, the nephew of a cross-checker, has the benefit of being eligible again for the Draft in two years should he go on to Texas, but it will be interesting to see if a team takes a shot at being able to bring his strong right arm into a professional setting sooner.

Sounds like there is a bit of work to be done with him.

What do you think of the pick?