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Week 3 Bluebird Banter Pick 6 Winners

The winners of our Pick 6 t-shirt contest are jay_tee_slash for the best total of the week and Matt_CC for the best daily score of the week. You each should have an email in your inbox asking for the address to send your shirts too. Congratulations!

This is the fourth and final week of this set of contests. So, if you want a snazzy Pick 6 t-shirt, now's the time to start making good picks....unlike me. Thankfully they just sent me one (I work cheap). SB Nation would like you to read the official rules, put together by their lovely, wonderful lawyers. Ignore the line that says 'by playing the game you give your soul over to SB Nation', that's just legal mumbo-jumbo.

Here is yesterday's leader board:

Rank Player Points
1 doubleswitching 48.1
2 KYCanuck 43.0
3 pooks137 41.3
4 jOEY_bATTS 36.7
5 vishal99 36.6
6 m_mask 35.0
7 cambo 32.7
8 jlahey 30.3
9 Maninwhite 30.1
10 Wyman M 29.9

Not the greatest scores, but then much better than I did. I figured Clayton Kershaw would carry me. It seemed to be a safe pick, facing a punchless Phillies team. Oh well.

Today's deadline is 7:00 Eastern.