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Blue Jays 6th Pick in the 2012 MLB Draft: Chase DeJong

The Blue Jays use their 6th pick on Chase DeJong, a RHP from Woodrow Wilson High School in California. 6'4" about 195. says:

Comments: If Shane Watson is the puncher among the Southern California high school arms in this year's Draft class, DeJong is the boxer. The two have had some memorable meetings this year, with DeJong throwing well in both, and all season long. Tall and physical, DeJong will throw his fastball in the 87-92 mph range. He has a very good curve, comparable to Watson's and a very good feel for his changeup. He has a feel for pitching beyond many high schoolers, though his delivery, while improved, still needs some work. Watson has the better pure stuff (the puncher), DeJong the better pitchability (the boxer). Watson is thought to be going earlier, but both USC recruits could be off the board in the first few rounds.