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MLB 2012 Draft Day Three Open Thread

I'm not going to be around to follow the draft today but here is an open thread for those of you that are.

Count me among the ones that don't like the new draft rules. I really dislike them giving teams an incentive to not pick the best available player. It makes a mockery of the system, but then Bud is good at making a mockery of things. I think they are going to have to go back to the drawing board on this.

I'm also curious about what will happen with players that could play two sports. Will teams have enough money to entice them to play baseball. I guess Anthony Alford will be a test of that. The new rules make it tough to pick these guys with your first pick, if they don't sign you lose that amount of money from your draft budget. And, unlike the old days, if you pick them later in the draft, you can't offer them well over slot to get them to give up on a football career. Teams like the Jays are trying to get the best athlete possible. The best athlete possible generally can play more than one sport.

Anyway, we have rounds 16-40 today. It should go quickly as teams are to have just 30 seconds to make their choices.