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I Drove All the Way from Carpentersville to See You Here Tonight: GameThread for Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox 6 June 2012, 8:10 PM EDT

After taking last night's game in decisive fashion, the Jays look to continue their winning ways tonight in Chicago. The Jays will send an (hopefully!) healthy Brandon Morrow to the mound. Brandon's has really had a very nice start to this season (3.28 ERA, 3.85 xFIP), so hopefully the ball he took off the shin won't derail his season. The White Sox will counter with the 23 year old Jose Quintana, whose very nice results (1.69 ERA) overlie underwhelming peripherals (5.1 K/9, 2.8 BB/9, 33% gb-rate). Still, thus far (through just 16 MLB innings) Quintana has done a nice job throwing strikes. Lawrie and Colby lead off again, still no Edwin, Arencibia bats cleanup.

Lawrie, 3B
Rasmus, CF
Bautista, RF
Arencibia, C
Escobar, Y, SS
Johnson, K, 2B
Gomes, 1B
Cooper, DH
Davis, R, LF

De Aza, CF
Beckham, 2B
Dunn, A, DH
Viciedo, LF
Rios, RF
Pierzynski, C
Ramirez, Al, SS
Flowers, 1B
Hudson, O, 3B

Don't forget the ground rules:

1) no talking about illegal streams
2) no *.gif images during the game. Afterwards, of course, you're free to go nuts.
3) don't argue with the moderators unless you want to enter a world of pain.

Finally, as always, enjoy the game, keep it civil, and Go Jays Go!