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Bluebird Banter Meetup And Draught Day - Saturday, June 16 - Phillies @ Blue Jays

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The aforementioned Bluebird Banter Meetup will be happening just 8 days from now at the Rogers Centre in Toronto! We hope to get a lot of Bluebird Banter readers and contributors to come out to see the game on Saturday, June 16 between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays. The game starts at 1:00 pm.

Unfortunately due to various issues, we are not able to get any group tickets for this game. However, I do see that there are still a block of empty seats in sections 102 and 101 in the outfield. Those tickets are $41.50 from plus all the fees and taxes they make you pay. I have my seats elsewhere in the stadium but will definitely try to come down and say hi to folks there. Tom Dakers will be flying in from Calgary and will be in attendance.

Since we will likely be sitting in separate sections during the game, I would like to invite everyone to a Draught Day at a local pub (location tba) after the game ends. We can chat about the Blue Jays or anything else over some beverages. It'll be fun!

Tom will also be hosting a luncheon at noon on Friday, June 15 at a restaurant in downtown Toronto (location tba).

Please let us know in the comments which of these events you plan to come to so we can get an estimate of the headcount. Hope to see a lot of yall next week!