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Very Quick Link Post + Open Thread


Sorry for the lack of content today as I am busy in my other (ie. paying) job. Here are some quick links I found this morning... Go ahead and share interesting stuff that you've read, and use this thread as an open discussion forum on anything Blue Jays or baseball related.

Midseason Prospect Reports: AL and NL East - Baseball America
Baseball America has named Travis d'Arnaud as the Blue Jays' best prospect, Yan Gomes as the one taking the best leap forward, and Deck McGuire as the biggest disappointment. The detailed reports are paywalled though.

Toronto Blue Jays' prospect Adeiny Hechavarria trying to find his way - National Post
Adeiny Hechavarria is in Buffalo today for the AAA All-Star Game, and Guillermo Quiroz helps translate an interview with John Lott. Hechavarria apparently enjoys the "circus and stuff" in Las Vegas.

Toronto Blue Jays take one step forward, two steps back - National Post

John Lott reviews the first half of the season.