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Today in Blue Jay History

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One year ago today: The Jays sent Juan Rivera to the Dodgers for what turned out to be cash. I can't imagine much cash. Maybe it was a Tim's card. Enough for an extra large steeped tea.

This year, Juan isn't hitting any better for the Dodgers than he was for us. This season Rivera is hitting .257/.294/.352 in 194 at bats. For us he hit .243/.305/.360 in 275 at bats. At least the Dodgers are smart enough not to play him so much. He's mostly getting playing time because Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are injured. .

Rivera wasn't a favorite of mine, at his best he didn't do anything particularly well, and his best was a few years ago. He's only 34 now but he seems older.

Not a huge moment in Blue Jay history, but that can't all be.