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Ernest Vincent Wright's* Sad, but Red Letter EE Day in Blue Jay Land Links

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Blue Jays sign Edwin Encarnacion to three-year contract extension | News
The Blue Jays signed Edwin Encarnacion on Thursday to a three-year, $27 million contract with a $10 million club option for the 2016 season.

Patience A Virtue For Edwin Encarnacion - Baseball Nation
Marc delves into what makes EE tick statistically. One important factor, EE is no longer cursed by the BABIP Gods which is the more, um, logical and rationale way of looking at things.

Jays Extend Encarnacion | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
DJF reaction to the EEE E aka Edwin E. Encarnacion Extension.

Blue Jays sign Edwin Encarnacion to a three year extension - Lone Star Ball
Commentary from LSB about the EE extension. Did you know that EE was originally drafted by the Rangers? I did not know that although I probably should have if I had ever read his Baseball Reference Page. The Rangers fans think Napoli might be their EE (at least price wise.)

Blue Jays Bet on Edwin Encarnacion’s Power | FanGraphs Baseball
FG's take on the EEE E

Blue Jays sign Edwin Encarnacion to three-year, $27-million deal -
The Star's take on the EEE E.


1 Blue Jays Way: 1BJW Interview: LHP Prospect Aaron Loup
Who is Aaron Loup? I don't know who his is. Here is an interview he had with 1 Blue Jays Way in May of this year to help all of us.

Second-Half Storylines: AL Edition | FanGraphs Baseball
Not surprising stuff about the Jays. Good offense Weak pitching. Lots of injured starters.

Toronto Blue Jays could benefit from moving Triple-A team to Buffalo | MLB | Sports | National Post
The National Post's John Lott explores what Buffalo could do as the AAA team of the Jays. Only problem? The Mets want to stay in Buffalo.


MLB Suspends Beras, Approves Contract: MLB Rumors -
Age isn't just a numba. The Commish's office gives the Rangers what they wanted but they have to wait a year for Beras to start playing in their system.

The Home Run Derby Curse | FanGraphs Baseball
Regression or an actual curse caused by hearing Chris Berman say "Backbackbackback"? You decide.

Griffin: Baltimore’s Camden Yards ranks as finest fan venue in major league baseball -
Former PR Guy of the Expos talks Ballparks. Camden Yards, ranked number 1. Tropicana Field ranked 30.


Potentially Available Starting Pitchers: MLB Rumors -
A list of possible trade targets for GMs desperate for pitching. Fodder for Jays fans to yell and shriek at each other over who gets traded for whom.

Who has and who doesn't have prospects to trade as Deadline nears | News
Mayo and Chips (trade chips that is.) Hmmmm, did you know there is a great little place on Commercial Drive in Vancouver that serves Belgian fries with Garlic Mayo? I like it better than poutine as late night food. blogs - Nick Piecoro - Towers talks; outside opinions; & other stuff
Lots of talk on Justin Upton Trades. According to Nick, the centerpiece of any Upton trade would have to be a 3B, a SS and/or a frontline starting pitcher (to be fair what team doesn't want one right now?) Looks like some OFers or a bunch of spare parts or Hi A pitching prospects will not get an Upton deal done.

Stark On LaHair, Encarnacion, Orioles, Vargas: MLB Rumors -
Stark keeps forgetting that the first rule of AA Transaction Club is that AA doesn't talk about AA Transaction Club. Ninja GM strikes stealthy, silently and swiftly away from the ears of reporters.


The Blue Jay Hunter: Flashback Friday: The Canadian Living Blue Jays Issue
If you ever wanted to eat Stottlemyres' Lasagna or Olerud's Omelet, this flashback Friday (from last week!) by The Blue Jay Hunter will wet your appetite. I think I'd rather eat Juan Guzman's mom's braised goat even though it takes as much time to make as Juan took between throwing pitches with men on base.

Top Second-Half Nonstory Lines | NotGraphs Baseball
The soul of Carl Sagan needs to smile down on the elbows of Jays pitchers. Immediately.

Baseball History - July 13th - National Pastime - Baseball History
Jays/Expos Related 1963 At the age of 43, Early Wynn (later broadcaster for your Toronto Blue Jays) pitches the first five innings to record his 300th victory when the Indians down the Kansas City A's, 7-4. The win will be the future Hall of Famer's last in the major leagues, and he will finish his 23-year career with a 300-244 record.

1982 In the first All-Star game played outside the United States, the National League cruises to its 11th straight win beating the American League at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, 4-1. Dave Concepcion's second inning two-run homer off Red Sox starter Dennis Eckersley is the turning point of the game.

1993 All Star Game Known in Charm City as the "Cito Sucks" Game and known here as the "Mike Mussina is a big lying D-Bag" Game.

*Author of Gadsby: A Story of Over 50,000 Words Without Using the Letter "E"