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It's Been a Long Time, Now I'm Coming Back Home: GameThread for Cleveland Indians at Toronto Blue Jays, 13 Jul 2012, 7:07 PM EDT

Good news, everyone! After an extended all-star break (it always seems ridiculous to me when teams are off for two days following the All Star game), the Jays are back in action tonight to take on the Tribe. After going .500 in the first half, the Jays look to get a good start on the second half of the season, with an eye towards positioning themselves for a run at the postseason. Tonight's matchup pits two groundball specialists against one another. Ricky Romero (8-4, 5.22), fresh off one of his better starts of the season, looks to continue the success he had last time out. Romero hasn't lost his groundball touch (56% GB-rate this season) but it's just about thing that hasn't abandoned him. His strikeout-rate has dropped to a career low 6.2 K/9 and his walk-rate has shot up to a career high 4.7 BB/9. Opposing him is Justin Masterson, whose had some control issues of his own this season (3.7 BB/9 vs. 2.7 BB/9 in 2011) but has still been pretty solid overall (3.94 xFIP). Let's hope the Jays bats carry over their fine production from the first half (104 wRC+) and Ricky keeps up his progress from last start.

You know the rules: 1) no talking about or posting illegal streams; 2) no posting animated *.gif images until after the game; and 3) keep it civil. Go Jays Go!