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Blue Jays All-Star Jose Bautista Pulled From Game With Apparent Left Wrist Injury

This may be where Jose Bautista first hurt his left wrist.
This may be where Jose Bautista first hurt his left wrist.

The Toronto Blue Jays are now potentially facing another devastating injury, after All-Star slugger Jose Bautista had to leave the game against the New York Yankees in the top of the 8th inning tonight. Bautista was pulled after wincing in tremendous pain and holding his left wrist after a swing that resulted in a long foul ball. In his previous at bat, he slid into home awkwardly, looking like he went in hard on his left wrist.

Paul O'Neill on the Yankees' YES Network has said that he believes it may be a broken hamate bone. He is not known to have x-ray vision. If he is right, then chances are that Bautista will have to be shelved until at September at least.

If Bautista does require some time off, the Blue Jays have options in Travis Snider and Eric Thames, as well as Anthony Gose and Moises Sierra. First, I hope that Bautista can walk it off and miss no time, but if he needs to, I am hoping to see Travis Snider finally come up to the ballclub. I don't know if I can stand an outfield with Rajai Davis and Eric Thames on the corners.

Soon after Bautista left, Yankees Stadium erupted in a loud "U-S-A!" chant. Whether it was related to the injury is unknown.

More details to follow. Let's hope they are good.

UPDATE: Report from John Farrell's presser: Jose Bautista did not break any bones, it is believed to be a tendon issue. He is due for an MRI tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: Paraphrased quotes from John Farrell, courtesy of John Lott (@LottOnBaseball):

  • Bautista felt a "popping sensation" on his last swing
  • Expect a roster move tomorrow, so will likely not play tomorrow. We will be keeping an eye on the Las Vegas 51s game to see who gets pulled from the game.
  • "It's a big blow, it's no doubt."

UPDATE 3: Mike Wilner reports on Blue Jays Talk that Anthony Gose has been pulled from the Las Vegas 51s game after striking out in the 1st inning.