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Who Would You Have Called Up To Replace Jose Bautista?

I've seen a number of suggestions, on twitter, for who should have been called up, so I thought I'd put up a poll.

It would have been Snider for me. For one, I wouldn't have wanted to put Gose on the 40-man roster before I had too. I don't see the point of that. Not that I'm not interested in seeing Gose play, but I'd have preferred not to add him to that, just yet.

But then, asking what I'd do opens a whole bunch of conversations. I'd go down to a 7 man bullpen. Dyson has been up for 2 weeks and has 1/3 of an inning to his credit. I don't see that as a valuable use of a roster spot. I'd much rather move the 7th man up and down from the minors, if we needed a fresh arm, and have another bat on the bench, someone that could allow me to give a player a day off now and then. Maybe Yan Gomes. He would be a better bat off the bench than what we have and he could let Brett Lawrie DH now and then. The way Brett plays the game, I would like to let him have a day off more often.

Omar Vizquel is a fine guy, I'm sure, likely great on the bench, basically another coach, but I'd rather have someone else to back up the infield spot. Vizquel is hitting .208/.260/.208 (yes, small sample size), but I'd like to have someone else so that I felt like I could sit Yunel Escobar for a couple of days, when he is looking really lost at the plate or let Kelly Johnson rest his hamstring, when he is too sore to help the team. I would rather McCoy on the roster than Vizquel. Not a huge improvement, true, but McCoy could pinch run.

Anyway the poll.