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Jays Lose Rain Shortened Game

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Blue Jays 0 Yankees 6 (7 innings)

That's a series I'm going to do my best to forget. It is just as well this game didn't go 9.

The good news? Brett Lawrie didn't break anything. It certainly looked more serious than a contusion when it happened. I hope day to day is very short in this case. I'd imagine a pitcher will be sent down and Yan Gomes will be up to fill in, if needed. Brett figures he'll be able to play Friday.

After 2 good starts, this one didn't go well for Ricky Romero. He allowed 4 runs in a bad first inning. 3 batters in, the Yankees had 3 runs. After a ground out Robinson Cano hit a fly to the track in left that really should have been called an error on Rajai Davis. Rajai got there in good time, then jumped, he didn't need to jump, and missed the catch. A single later, it was 4-0. Thankfully, J.P. Arencibia caught Jayson Nix wandering too far off first to end the inning. Ricky gave up another run in the 4th, off 2 doubles and 2 walks. And one more in the 6th, Jayson Nix and Dewayne Wise teamed up to get a run against their old team.

Our offense wasn't able to do anything against Hiroki Kuroda in 7 innings. We only managed 4 hits, and only one of them wasn't of the infield single variety, a Arencibia double. Add in 0 walks and 5 strikeouts, and we really weren't very exciting to watch. The rain delay was more fun to watch.

No Jays of the Day, again. Suckage goes to Romero (-.262).

Anthony Gose didn't look great in his first MLB start, going 0 for 3, with 2 strikeouts and a soft ground out. He didn't do anything exciting on defense either.

We have an off day tomorrow then we start a 3 game series in Boston on Friday. Game one is Aaron Laffey against Josh Beckett. It almost can't be worst than this series, 3 losses, 4 runs, 17 hits, 18 runs scored against and 2 injuries.