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Terrible Start for Ricky Romero. Jays Lose to Royals

Royals 11 Blue Jays 3

Ricky Romero was just awful today. He had a good first inning and got 2 strikeouts to start off the second inning. And then it all collapsed. I don't know what's going on with Ricky. He looks like he is throwing smooth and easy, but things are just not going right for the guy. He's not throwing enough strikes and when he does they get hit, hard. He went 6 innings, 11 hits, 8 earned runs (2 scored after he left the game), 3 walks, 4 k, 1 home run allowed.

David Pauley was worse. He came on with 2 on, in the 7th, and hit Billy Butler, after going 0-2 on him, a single and then a grand slam to Mike Moustakas. I guess after that he was pretty good. Only 1 more hit while getting 9 outs, not that it mattered.

On the positive side:

  • We got a run in the first, after Brett Lawrie started things off with a double.
  • Jose Bautista hit homer number 27.
  • Colby Rasmus hit a monster shot that went off the facing of the 5th deck. I doubt we've had a ball hit any further/harder this year.
  • Brett Lawrie make a couple of great plays at third. Even in bad games, his defense makes it worth watching. He really should, but won't, win the Gold Glove this year.

Jay of the Day is Jose (.095 WPA). Suckage goes to Ricky (-.379). I'm going to give one to Pauley, his number was only -.050, but I figure that performance earned it. Rajai Davis was on the borderline (-.091).

That drops the Jays to 40-40, but just 3 games back of a playoff spot. Tomorrow it is Brett Cecil's turn. Vin Mazzaro (3-2, 4.74) starts for the Royals.