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What Would You Want In Trade For Yunel Escobar?


I got a question from Nico of Athletics Nation asking if the Jays would be interested in trading Yunel Escobar and if yes, what would they like in return. The A's have a huge hole at short so they are lookingSo I thought I'd ask you all what your thoughts were.

1. Do you think the Jays would try Yunel?

2. What do you think they would have to give up to get him? Nico suggested Brad Peacock and Grant Green. Both are 24, both are playing Triple-A. Both would be close to major league ready. Peacock isn't having a great year at Sacramento, 6.63 ERA in 20 starts, but it is the PCL. He does have 107k in 98 innings, but 46 walks. Green is a former SS who the A's have moved to the outfield this year. He's hitting .285/.332/.436, also in Sacramento. Both are likely better prospects than their numbers from this year make them look.

So what do you think?