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Tuesday Links - Trades and More Trades

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Outfield of the (near) future?  Lets hope so.
Outfield of the (near) future? Lets hope so.

So, two big trades in baseball yesterday as the Tigers stock up and fill a couple of their big holes, and the Mariners dealt their franchise player. Oh and then their was Ryan Dempster, who was traded to Atlanta and then wasn't traded to Atlanta. Rumblings around the league make it sound like Hanley Ramirez could be the next player to move which means the Marlins are having yet another fire sale. Hmm, if they want to deal Josh Johnson to the Jays, I would gladly take him!

This is a big big week for the Jays I think. Starting off the week with the streaking, all of the sudden talk of baseball, Oakland A's, and then the Tigers. I think the next few days will have a big impact on whether the Jays are sellers or buyers at the deadline.

Onto the Links!


Blue Jays fielding youngest outfield in baseball
Nothing earth shattering here, but hopefully this outfield is a glimpse of the (near) future for the Jays.

Janssen earning long overdue respect
Gregor Chisholm reminds us how good Janssen has been as a closer.

Three Things From Week Sixteen
The 500 Level Fan talks about Snider, a tale of two Aaron's and trade rumours.

Maybe Not Yet the Golden Gose?
Stoeten thinks Gose should probably be sent back to Vegas, sooner rather than later. I think I agree, but lets see a few more games out of the youngster first.

Leyland! Spokane Is On Its Knees!
Batter's Box with yesterday's minor league recaps. With pictures!

Blue Jays Prospect Hot Sheet: Week Fifteen
Jays Journal gives us the prospects of the week. Art Charles and Eric Arce lead the charge this week.

Pitchers coping with rejection
Chad Jenkins and Deck McGuire are keeping their heads up, despite their struggles this season.

GM Alex Anthopoulos busier at trade deadline than J.P. Ricciardi was
Griffin with his weekly bullpen piece about everything Jays / baseball related. After his spiel on AA and JP, he has some nice words about Bob Elliott and, added bonus - Griffin mentions his days in media relations with the Expos!

As usual, around the league after the jump.


Tigers Retool With Infante, Sanchez
The Tigers picked up a couple of players that should help their playoff push. Marc Hulet comments on the trade from the Marlins perspective.

Yankees Hope They Acquired "Road" Ichiro
Another trade! I didn't see this one coming at all. Ichiro isn't the player he was, but the Yanks didn't give up anything for him and he'll definitely add to their bench depth with Gardner out for the season. He's replaced DeWayne Wise on the roster, so at least he's an improvement over him.

2nd Wild Card and Impact on the Trade Deadline
Vince Gennaro (SABR President) has a blog! He likes the 2nd wild card and writes about a few of the implications.

Oakland A's playing ‘Moneyball' again
The Globe writes about Oakland's successes this season.

Checking Up On Aroldis Chapman's Strikeout Rate
Chapman is looking to break a couple of records this year (currently at almost 17K/9 and 50% K rate). It might not be quite as impressive as it sounds though.

Miggy Making History
Miguel Cabrera is the 13th player in MLB history to hit 300 home runs before 30.

Colby Lewis Injury: Season-Ending Elbow Surgery
The Rangers still have a very solid starting rotation though.

2012 Trade Value: #5-#1
FanGraphs finishes their trade value series. If you're looking for Jays, Jose Bautista came in at number ten and Brett Lawrie came in at fifteen.

Stock Watch: As Upton quiets doubters, D-Backs may sit tight on trade
I'm pretty much linking this Jon Heyman trade article for this quote about Hanley Ramirez (from a unnamed GM):

"He's not a third baseman, he's not a shortstop anymore. I wouldn't know where to hide him,"

Remember when Hanley was the player that would have been in everyone's top 5 list of players to build a franchise around?