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Trade Rumors Open Thread: Hanley Ramirez?

With the trade deadline just a few days away, there are rumors all over the place.

Bob Nightengale has this:

I really can't imagine we'd be going after Ramirez, but I think Alex talks to everybody about everyone. I'm sure there isn't a player out there that might be traded that Alex hasn't inquired about.

Jon Morosi tells us:

Yeah, he's telling us nothing, but still, yeah I think the Jays are in buy mode, if they can get someone that will help them next year as well as this one.

And, of course, Twitter gets all up in crazy mode because David Cooper comes out of a game in Vegas, with the team up by 10 and it being hot enough to boil a first baseman. Sometimes you have to wonder if anyone on twitter have seen baseball before.

Anyway, let's just use this thread for trade your favorites.