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Tuesday Afternoon Bantering: Injury Updates

Lots of little bits of news this afternoon:

  • Sergio Santos is to have shoulder surgery today, he's done for the season, but should be all good to start spring training next year.
  • Jason Frasor isn't needing surgery, forearm inflammation, he's won't be throwing for the next couple of weeks.
  • Brandon Morrow will be throwing batting practice tomorrow and, barring a set back, will be off to make a rehab start by the weekend. Likely starting at Dunedin.
  • Morosi thinks we are after Josh Johnson. No kidding.
  • It is a big start for Brett Cecil tonight. Odds are if he doesn't do well J.A. Happ will have his spot by next time through the rotation. John Farrell has been talking about how he could be useful in the bullpen.
  • Jose Bautista 'could be swinging a bat' by the end of the week. It wouldn't take him too long after that to be able to play, there won't be a rehab assignment for him.