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The Blue Jays and .500

We've been .500 16 times this season (17 if you were to count 0-0, but I don't). We've never been more than 5 games above .500 and never been worse than 2 games below. It feels like it ought to be some sort of record for, well, averageness (not a word? I guess mediocrity would work).

  1. April 9, 2-2: After a great spring we started the season with 2 wins, but then we dropped the next 2. The game that dropped us to .500 featured Sergio Santos' 2nd blown save, this on against the Red Sox. Henderson Alvarez almost had his first win of the season.
  2. April 14, 4-4: 2 wins (over the Red Sox) and 2 losses (Orioles) and we are back to .500 again. Henderson Alvarez went 7 and left with the lead, but Casey Janssen picked up the blown save in the 8th and Francisco Cordero lost it in the 9th.
  3. April 19, 6-6: Again 2 wins, 2 losses and we are back at even. This time Henderson didn't need his bullpen to blow it for him. He lost, to the Rays, giving up 6 runs in 6.1.
  4. April 27, 10-10: This time we have a 4 game winning streak (over the Royals) then lost 4 straight (3 to the Orioles, 1 to the Mariners). This game was a terrible one. We went into the 9th up by 2, but Franisco Cordero had his first blown save of the year. Then, in the 10th, Luis Perez gave up a grand slam. Messed up a game where we had home runs from Eric Thames and Edwin Encarnacion.
  5. May 27, 24-24: We had a whole month above .500, getting as far as 5 games above. But then we lost the last 2 games of a series with the Rays and got swept by the Rangers. It was a bad streak, we gave up 47 runs in the 5 games. The one that dropped us back to .500 was a terrible start by Kyle Drabek, 3 innings, 9 earned with 2 home runs allowed.
  6. June 12, 31-31: We made it to 4 games above .500 this time, before dropping back. We hit .500 in the middle game of a sweep by the Nationals. You likely remember that series. Game 1 Brandon Morrow left in the 1st with an oblique injury. Game 3 Kyle left with an injury. The middle game was a Henderson Alvarez loss. He wasn't terrible, 7 innings 4 earned, but we only got 2 runs, on a Jose Bautista home run.
  7. June 15, 32-32: Two days later. Drew Hutchison left the game with a injury after 3 batters, but 5 pitchers were able to keep the shutout and we won 3-0. Carlos Villanueva got the win, Casey Janssen the save. The first time we hit .500 from below.
  8. June 28, 38-38: We made it to 3 games above, but 3 losses in a row and back we are to even. Brett Cecil had a bad start against the Angels, 5.1 innings, 8 earned.
  9. July 2, 40-40: 2 wins, 2 losses, here we are again. Ricky Romero got thumped by the Royals, 8 earned in 6 innings.
  10. July 6, 42-42: 2 wins, 2 losses. It seems we've set the GPS to .500, we never leave it far behind. Aaron Laffey took the loss, 6 innings, 3 earned. We couldn't get much going against Jake Peavy and the White Sox bullpen.
  11. July 8, 43-43: Lose one, win one. We went into the All-Star break with a 11-9 win over the White Sox. We had an 8-3 lead, then almost let the Sox back into the game. Casey Janssen had a 5 out save. Jeff Mathis, Kelly Johnson, Encarnacion and Colby Rasmus all homered.
  12. July 14, 44-44: Lose one, win one. We start the second half with a 1-0 loss to the Indians then take the next game 11-9. We were up 11-4 but Jesse Chavez and Andrew Carpenter teamed up to allow5 runs in the 8th. Janssen had a 4 out save. Adam Lind had 4 hits and 4 RBI.
  13. July 16, 45-45: Win one, lose one. Yep 2 days later. The first loss of a sweep at the hands of the Yankees dropped us to .500 once again. Aaron Loup took the loss, as he and Jason Frasor gave up 4 in the 8th to give the Yankees the win.
  14. July 21, 47-47: The Yankee sweep dropped us to 2 games under .500, our seson low point, but the first 2 games of the Red Sox sweep brought us back to even. Villanueva got the win. J.A. Happ and Brandon Lyon got into their first game after the trade. J.P. Arencibia and Edwin homered. Brett Lawrie had 3 RBI.
  15. July 24: 48-48: Win one, lose one. Brett Cecil took the loss to the A's, though he only gave up 2 runs in 6 innings. We didn't do much against Travis Blackley. Solo homers from Travis Snider and Arencibia scored our only runs. Happ didn't impress in his second game as a Jay.
  16. July 26: 49-49: Lose one, win one. Yesterday we get back to .500 for the 16th time this season.