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Ivan, Did You See The Sunrise? Friday July 27, 2012 Links

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Yesterday's win was certainly better than Wed's disaster and Tuesday's crushing defeat at the hands of the A's. Things don't get any easier for your Toronto Blue Jays as the trailing the Chicago White Sox by 1/2 a game in the AL Central and with a record of 7-3 in their last ten games Detroit Tigers come to town for their season visit. On the bright side the Jays don't have to face Justin Verlander this weekend, who owned them last year with a no-hitter.

If there is any rivalry I miss after the divisions were realigned again in 1995 1998 (when Tampa joined the MLB) it is this one. The Jays and Tigers were some fierce rivals in the late 80s to early 90s. Late September games against the Tigers were always intense especially after the heartbreaker (if you're a Jays fan) of 1987.


Toronto Blue Jays beat Oakland A’s 10-4 to avoid series sweep -
The Star's recap of Toronto's thumping of the A's. Brandon Kennedy notes that there were only FOUR opening day starters in the lineup thanks to the injury bug.

Toronto Blue Jays bounce back to beat Oakland Athletics after awful showing | MLB | Sports | National Post
The National Post does a recap of the 10-4 victory over the A's.

A's do lose, it turns out in Toronto - SFGate
The view of the Jays 10-4 victory from the Oppo's point of view.

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Jeff Mathis Joins Select Company - Baseball Nation
In a Wednesday night blowout, Jeff Mathis pitched an inning of relief for the Toronto Blue Jays. This is not the first time this has happened.

Toronto Blue Jays working on a rescue plan for Ricky Romero | MLB | Sports | National Post
It can't be worse than anything else. Jeff Mathis will now catch RRCJ in Seattle.

Romero remains in Blue Jays rotation - The Globe and Mail
Whatever the problem(s) are, it just has not been RR Cool Jay's year. Kind of stunning after last year's excellent performance.

A's trade talk moves to Yunel Escobar - SFGate
The A's seem to still want Yunel, but he likes being in Toronto. Despite his issues with batting (and one of the players killing my fantasy team... I know, no one cares) I like his play here even if he seems to hit a lot of grounders.

The Blue Jay Hunter: How to Improve the Rogers Centre Fan Experience
I have to agree with Ian here. The food at the 'Dome has never been that good. It's a sad state of affairs when I look back fondly at Scrawny McRonnies as the culinary highlight. Been to Anaheim, Dodger Stadium and Petco Field and the food selection is light years ahead of that at the 'Dome.

Blue Jays notebook: Brandon Morrow rehab start Sunday -
Sorry Subway. Sunday is not Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Day, but rather Morrow Rehab Day. Woo.

FanGraphs Audio: Jerry Howarth, Voice of the Jays | FanGraphs Baseball
Fangraphs talks to Jerry Howarth, interview starts at 6:50.


Doug Melvin: Zack Greinke Will Be Traded: MLB Rumors -
The Zack sweepstakes continue. Outside of Ryan Dempster, Zack is the last top pitcher available. Atlanta? Chicago? Arizona? Anaheim? Who knows. Doug Melvin is going to spin that wheel for prized pitching prospects.

Josh Johnson Rumors: Thursday: MLB Rumors -
In the off chance, very off chance, the Jays get back into contention and not "contention", the price for Josh Johnson is said to be Tex like. Good luck with that, Marlins.

Cal Ripken’s mom found unharmed following kidnapping -
What the hell! are some folks thinking!?! At least the police got her back unharmed.

Baseball History - July 27th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1979 Le Grand Orange returns to the Expos after 8 years.

1984 Noted gambler and now reality star, Pete Rose gets his 3053th single while playing for the Expos to go past all round awful human being Ty Cobb for most singles ever.

2011 Colby Rasmus Day. AA pulls the trigger on what is actually two separate trades. The first one, he obtains Edwin Jackson from the Chicago White Sox for two players and then trades Edwin to St Louis along with a couple of relievers for Colby Rasmus. Everyone wins.


Magnum P.I. - Opening - YouTube
For those not old enough to get the title reference. This is the TV show I'm referring to. Magnum was a fan of the Tigers and from time to time they would show highlights from Tigers games often against the Jays.