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Something Sinister About Moonraker's Swing, Saturday July 28, 2012 Links

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A Spring Training lineup, a unheralded starter and a hot opponent do not usually lead to a 8-3 victory, but it did last night. Can't complain about Charlie V's pitching or the hodge podge lineup of mashers. As a fan I'll take a victory like yesterday.


Shorthanded Blue Jays tame Detroit Tigers to move above .500 as injuries mount: Griffin -
Former PR Guy of the Expos writes a summary of last night's win against the Detroit Rock City Team. He had the same thought I did seeing the Jays lineup... it did look like a spring training lineup but they won so I guess both of us can stop crying about it.

Blue Jays slow down surging Tigers - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail views Jeff Mathis as last night's hero. They're right. He was. I'm as shocked as you are as one doesn't expect much of a guy whose offense was an awful 26wRC+ last year. Still, it seems Hitting Coach Dwayne Murphy can turn Jeff Mathis into... Mike Napoli?

Toronto Blue Jays' Carlos Villanueva, supporting cast take down Tigers | MLB | Sports | National Post
John Lott's recap of the Jays sandlot team thumping the Deetroit Tigres. Rush fan (seriously, check his walkup music) Omar Vizquel hits his first two extra base hits of the season.

Toronto 8, Detroit 3: Blue Jays rough up Rick Porcello as Tigers drop second straight | Detroit Tigers | Detroit Free Press |
From the Detroit Free Press, their take on the 8-3 victory. Includes the news that "Toronto RHP Drew Hutchison (elbow) played catch Friday for the first time since injuring his arm six weeks ago, making about 30 throws from 45 feet."

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Now It’s a Latos-Like Package for Josh Johnson? | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
DJF looks at the trade cost of Josh Johnson.

Breakout Impossible: Don’t Compare Jose Bautista to Others | FanGraphs Baseball
Why we should enjoy the HR hitting phenomena known as Jose Bautista. A unique home run mashing snowflake. He might never make the Hall of Fame, but he'll be in the Hall of Never Been Done Before Fame.

Christmas In July: Contenders' Wish Lists (A.L. Edition) - Baseball Nation
Rob was kind enough to list the Jays, a mercy listing if you will, a whopping 2% chance thanks to Baseball Prospectus playoff odds. If some of you are wondering, Baseball Prospectus' playoff odd formula makes more sense than ESPN's run differential formula (which lists the Jays chances of playoff spot at a very unrealistic 20-25%) because it does takes into consideration the rough schedule Toronto faces.

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - Advance Scout: Tigers, July 27-29
A preview of the series.


Giants Acquire Marco Scutaro: MLB Rumors -
Scoot Scoot Scutaro ends up in San Francisco. I hope that Marco gets on the Giants fans good side by calling SF, "The CIty" and not San Fran. I was reminded by friends who lived in SF when I visited not to call SF, San Fran. I did anyway because I wasn't going to call SF, "The City."

The Rangers And The Zack Greinke Deal: MLB Rumors -
What are the Rangers options now that Anaheim has Zack. No one wants to give up their top prospects for rentals. Jon Daniels is a very sharp GM and knows that he is going to have to get some pitching somewhere.

Zack Greinke’s Strange Brew: Prospect Package | FanGraphs Baseball
FG's Marc Hulet looks at the Greinke trade. Take off, eh?

Angels Acquire Zack Greinke: MLB Rumors -
Zack goes to Anaheim for two decent AA pitchers and Jean Segura. Texas fumes in rage.

Josh Johnson Rumors: Friday: MLB Rumors -
Apparently the Jays are in on JJ. Who knows?

Dodgers Reportedly Interested In Justin Morneau - Baseball Nation
It seems the Dodgers are interested in everyone.

Miguel Batista Heading To Atlanta - Baseball Nation
One team's release is another team's pickup. The sad state of pitching in the MLB 2012.

The Storm Clouds Over The Cubs' Deadline - Baseball Nation
The Cubs can't even get trading right. Not fair really because they were hamstrung by Ryan Dempster's "dis" of Atlanta.

Whatever Happened To Michael Young? - Baseball Nation
12 years after being traded to Texas, Michael Young is finally "proving" ex GM Gord Ash right after some 2164 Hits, 1048 runs, 956 RBIs and 172 Hrs later.

Baseball History - July 28th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1995 One of the worst trades in Toronto history. David Cone is traded for Marty Janzen and two other guys who never made it to the majors. Cone goes on to be an anchor of the new Yanks dynasty's pitching staff while the Jays sink into crapitude. A stunning blow to a team that once stole in trades Al Leiter, Fred McGriff and Dave Collins from the Yankees.