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New Improved Short List (with Poll!) of Sunday July 29, 2012 Links

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A very good pitching performance by Henderson combined with some power hitting made for a good Saturday Afternoon Win against Detroit. Time to whip out the brooms in anticipation of victory, but it will be tough with Doug Fister pitching for the Tigers. A good time for those who are mentally five years old or like to laugh at Fister For Furbush.

Toronto Blue Jays beat Detroit Tigers 5-1 behind solid start from Henderson Alvarez: Griffin -
Griff looks at the Jays's win against Detroit

Encarnacion homers again to lead Jays past Tigers - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and AP's take on the Jays victory.

Toronto 5, Detroit Tigers 1: Anibal Sanchez allows three home runs for new team | Detroit Tigers | Detroit Free Press |
The Detroit Free Press's take on the Jays win. Not as happy as the Toronto versions.

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Celebrity Girlfriend Curse Hits Justin Verlander | Video Library | Detroit Free Press
Is Kate Upton the new Jessica Simpson? I hope not only because Verlander's on my fantasy team.

White Sox Acquire Francisco Liriano: MLB Rumors -
Francisco misses bats and the strike zone and he's a free agent in the off season. Looked at his stats against the AL East and the numbers are ugly. Might not be the best pickup for the Jays if they want to compete against the AL Beast.

Edwin Encarnacion Status Update: Still a T-Rex | NotGraphs Baseball
EE Jurassic Park?

The Local Games: Blue Jays and fans want baseball back in Games -
Maybe, but personally I don't think so. It just isn't a good fit especially if the IOC wants professionals in it. I'd rather the Olympics should focus more about the sports most folks only care about once every four years but that's just my opinion.

Christmas In July: Contenders' Wish Lists (N.L. Edition) - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer looks at the NL contenders. I don't know if one can trade for luck (and not the quarterback) or how it is valued as WAR but I think a lot of us would like to at a lottery draw or casino.

Baseball History - July 29th - National Pastime - Baseball History
Today in baseball history. Not much for Jays fans. Bo knows time outs and the 1988 Baltimore Orioles don't know winning... 1988 After his request for time-out isn't granted by the home plate umpire Mike Reilly, Bo Jackson, despite not be set in the batter box when the pitch is delivered, recovers in time to hit a home run. The Royals' left fielder fourth-inning three-run poke off Jeff Ballard contributes to Kansas City's 6-3 victory over Baltimore at Memorial Stadium.