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Blue Jays Trade Rumors Open Thread

Witht he Trade deadline just a day away I thought I'd put up an open thread so we can share rumors, thoughts, trade ideas or whatever you want.

I'm doubtful that the Jays will do much, but you never know.

Ken Rosenthal had this:

The A's, at the moment, also are reluctant to meet the Toronto Blue Jays' price for shortstop Yunel Escobar, sources said.

I can't see the Jays Trading Yunel unless they get a really good return on him. I don't think the Jays want to sell low on the guys.

We also have some bullpen arms that might draw some interest, relievers always are valuable trade pieces at this time of year, but then I'd like them to keep some of the better arms for next year. Darren Oliver might be worth a fair bit on the trade market. Much as I'd miss him.

Anyway, share your favorite rumors here?