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What is Your Biggest Blue Jay Surprise At Mid-Season?

We'll made it to the mid-point of the season and we've had a little bit of everything. We started the season with decent pitching, poor hitting. We've moved on to great offense and lousy pitching. We've had great defense and lousy defense. Breathtaking base running and 'holy crap how could he be so stupid' base running.

When I send out questions to bloggers from other teams I almost always ask what is your biggest surprise about your team this year? For me, talking about the Jay, the answer changes almost daily.

Some of our bigger surprises:

  • 3 starting pitchers leaving their game's with injuries over the space of 4 games. Now that surprised me, in the 'this can't be happening' way. That we've been able to stay around .500 after losing those 3 is another surprise.
  • Edwin Encarnacion. I thought he'd be good, but this good? 22 home runs and an average around .300 with half a season to go? I didn't expect that, and he's been pretty consistent, for a guy that has never been consistent. Add in pretty decent defense at first base and that he's played 78 of the first 81 games.
  • Brett Lawrie's defense. We saw enough of him, last year, to know his defense was been than advertised, but this year? He really should be getting the Gold glove. He makes a couple of spectacular plays per game.
  • Ricky Romero. Ricky has always been the most focused, most interested in improving himself, pitcher that you would ever want to meet. This year, being focused isn't helping. In the past month batters have been hitting .354/.447/.566 against him.
  • Adam Lind. Adam's has looked pretty poor, for a couple of seasons now, but did anyone expect a .197/.278/.366 line and a trip to Vegas. And, when he took the trip to Vegas, who expected him back?
  • Eric Thames. I was hoping for Travis Snider to get the spot, but I figured Thames would hit better than he did. I'm also surprised that he was sent to the minors but Travis hasn't been called up.
  • Francisco Cordero. I didn't think he'd be great, but batters are hitting .331/.400/546 against him. Basically every batter he faces turns into Miguel Cabrera. When we signed him, I wasn't thrilled, but I thought he'd be ok. He hasn't come with in a days drive of ok.

What has surprised you the most so far this season?