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What Former Blue Jay Would You Most Like To Meet?

My son was at the 'Jays Super Camp' this morning, and I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the former Jays that were there (why have kids if you can't use them to help promote your website). I did interview Rance Mulliniks, as well as ask Duane Ward and Lloyd Moseby if I could interview them sometime while they are here.

So I thought I'd ask the question 'What former Blue Jay would you most like to meet?'

My son said that Lloyd Moseby was the most fun. He also said that Rance complimented him on his swing but showed him how to turn his hips to get more power, which, my son said, worked well. Sandy Alomar, Sr was there too and my boy said that he said 'Don't let anyone make big changes to your swing', that whatever feels natural to you if likely the best way for you.

Anyway give us your answer, or tell us about your favorite meeting with a Blue Jay.