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Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night: 7/6 Game Thread, Jays at Chicago (AL)

The Jays seem a bit shaken up heading into the all-star break, and rightly so, but this series gives them a chance to go into the break on a high note. Our azure-tinged corvidae head to the South Side to do battle with the Pale Hose. While the White Sox are in first place, there's not necessarily reason to think that they're any better than the Jays - they have a record a few games better, but against a much easier schedule. Tonight's pitching matchup doesn't exactly favor the Jays, though, as Aaron Laffey will be taking the hill for our lads opposite Jake Peavy for the ChiSox. The Cumerland, Maryland native has done a nice job in his two starts so far, though. Peavy, of course, has been his usual terrific self, with four times as many strikeouts as walks thusfar.

I unfortunately will be missing today's game and won't be around for lineups - we are celebrating my son's second birthday tomorrow and so we have family in town tonight. On the bright side, we did get our power back yesterday, after a week without power coinciding with a week of 100 degree plus days (that's 38 plus for you Canadians). And of course it has been a brutal week at work even with the holiday. So I certainly plan to enjoy my evening, with or without baseball.

Today's post from the song of the same name by the Hold Steady.