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I Never Said Nothing: 7/8 Game Thread, Jays at Chicago (AL)

The Jays cap off their series today on the South Side of Chicago and look to head into the All Star Break on a high note.

Brett Cecil pitches for Toronto. Cecil has made four starts this season and he certainly seems like the same guy we've seen before, low walk rates, fewer than 7 strikeouts per 9 innings, and entirely too susceptible to the long ball. His groundball rate in particular has been awful and he really needs to work on keeping the ball down. Home run friendly U.S. Cellular is a good place to do that.

I still have family in town so I won't be able to make today's game - hopefully someone can keep the thread honest.

Today's post courtesy of "Never Said" by Chicago product Liz Phair off Exile in Guyville, one of the great records of my adolescence that holds up better than most of them. If you are younger than 30-ish you will not remember and likely not believe me, but, trust me, Liz Phair used to be totally awesome.

You know the rules: (1) no posting gifs until after the game concludes; (2) no talking or posting illegal streams; and (3) don't be terrible.