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It's Not My Fault! It's SSS I tell you. Sunday Links

Next weekend, I would like to do some links with Jays wins. Having to watch then read all these is not good for the soul.

Sadness Game Recaps

Toronto Blue Jays' bats go silent in strong start from Ricky Romero | MLB | Sports | National Post
Just not a good week for the bats to go silent.

Kevin Youkilis’ bat, Gavin Floyd’s arm lead White Sox past Blue Jays - Chicago Sun-Times

Toronto Blue Jays fall below .500 after 2-0 loss to Chicago White Sox -
More sadness.

MLB Links

Giancarlo Stanton Injury: Marlins Slugger Out Of All-Star Game, Will Need Knee Surgery - Baseball Nation
It's not a good year for fantasy teams or trainers.

Central Notes: Greinke, Brewers, Pirates, Tigers: MLB Rumors -
Someone in yesterday's GDT suggested that Greinke's 4 pitch start would disappoint scouts and they were right. According to Hey Hey Heyman among the sadface scouts were those from Tarrana, er Toronto.

Quick Hits: Paul, Ross, Tanner, Wells, Martin: MLB Rumors -
The Wells story is presented without comment or snickering.

Sal Perez At 198 | FanGraphs Baseball
Pat and Buck's favorite catcher and the dangers of SSS. Or he could be really truly that awesome.

Own a Piece of Sad Baseball History | NotGraphs Baseball
I've seen worse and scarier stuff sold on e-bay, but it's not baseball related.

Today in Baseball History

Baseball History July 8th - National Pastime - Baseball History
Good News Bad News in Jays Related History

2000 Jose Cruz Jr. hits his 20th Hr making the Jays the first ever team with 4 hitters with 20 Hrs before the AS break.

2005 Kevin Mench liner breaks Doc's leg which made Josh Towers rotation ace!!!??! Mench would later hurt the Jays by playing for them as part of the horrible baseball experimental Chimera known as Mencherson.