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How Will You Improve The MLB All-Star Break?

Perhaps more ladies???
Perhaps more ladies???

Major League Baseball's All-Star festivities currently includes a futures game, a celebrity softball game, a home run derby, and of course, the actual All-Star Game itself.

For me, the home run derby is the best part of the entire weekend. You get to see a bunch of sluggers going out there and just hitting monster jacks, and a bunch of their All-Star peers being fans, sitting in foul territory and gasping at big homers. Remember Delmon Young's reaction at Jim Thome's homer last year when they were both Minnesota Twins? That's the beauty of it. And everyone, including fierce on-field rivals, is relaxed and smiling, enjoying the moment.

To me, the actual All-Star Game is not very entertaining, and I often get bored after a few innings. But I agree with Dustin Parkes when he says that the All-Star Game is not really meant for fans who read baseball blogs. Every now and then there is a great defensive play (like Jose Bautista's catch from last year) but generally the players don't play with the aggression they would in a game that actually counts. And then there is the bloated roster, with the managers trying to get as many players into the game as possible.

But to be honest, there is very little that can be changed of the Game itself. What baseball can try to do (maybe starting in the minors) is to add more skills competitions to the day before the All-Star Game. How about a first-to-third sprint? Most accurate throw? Fastest pitch? Highest leap at the wall? Best mascot? Funniest vendor? The NHL's All-Star skills competition is the best part of the weekend, so why does MLB have to restrict itself to just one skill to showcase?

If you were placed in charge of re-organizing Major League Baseball's All-Star festivities, what events will you add? what current events will you change (or even eliminate)? How would you improve it to make it more exciting and point even more eyeballs towards the screen? Does it even need any improvement?