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Here's To Signing the Best FAs and Having The Biggest Payroll.

AA please take note, we need help. This team needs help to win and to win soon we need to SPEND big! I don't care anymore. The last time we won a world series we had the highest payroll in baseball. What worked before will work again.That's the model to follow, look around, find the best players that beat up this team then sign them to huge contracts. I may have lost my mind but I want Rogers to go completely bankrupt putting a winner on the field. Who do I have to kill to make that happen?

UPDATE: I'm now writing the rest of this GameThread from a prison cell. Seems Rogers takes even subtle threats seriously and it took them less then an hour to triangulate my cell phone and send the SWAT team to pick me up. I didn't even name a target! Anyway if one of you could get Hugo to call the jail I'm in I'd really appreciate it. Also if you guys could take up a collection for his lawyer fees that would be a big help. Maybe Carm and Tom can organize a car wash to raise some cash for my defense?Anyway the internet in jail is pretty good so I'll be in the thread to discuss my legal defense and the car wash fund raiser. My cell mate Tre says to say 'wassup to ya'll', so wassup to you all. Tre also has some insight into tonight's game. He says; the game is the game and always will be. I'm not sure what he means by that but there's your pregame insight.

If any of you want to visit me, I'm in the Mimico Correctional Centre, visiting hours are 1:30 to 4pm. Please bring me a cake(wink wink).

Ricky Romero

#24 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Nov 06, 1984

Freddy Garcia

#36 / Pitcher / New York Yankees





Oct 06, 1976


1. Rajai Davis (R) LF 1. Derek Jeter (R) SS
2. Colby Rasmus (L) CF 2. Nick Swisher (S) RF
3. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 1B 3. Mark Teixeira (S) DH
4. Yunel Escobar (R) SS 4. Robinson Cano (L) 2B
5. David Cooper (L) DH 5. Andruw Jones (R) LF
6. Kelly Johnson (L) 2B 6. Jayson Nix (R) 3B
7. Omar Vizquel (S) 3B 7. Russell Martin (R) C
8. Jeff Mathis (R) C 8. Ichiro Suzuki (L) CF
9. Anthony Gose (L) RF 9. Casey McGehee (R) 1B

Remember the rules: never threaten the lives of corporate CEO's in charge of a huge mega-conglomerate even if it is in jest. Oh and no gifs, unlicensed streams or jerkball in the thread. YAHEARD!?!?1!