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Monday Morning Media Mashup: The Catch Edition

Due to a technical problem, Minor Leaguer is unable to make any posts himself. He has asked me (Tom) to help him put this one up. (So errors, blame Tom)

Good morning everyone! We Blue Jays fans had an admittedly horrible couple of weeks since the last edition of Monday Morning Media Mashup, but yesterday's win against the Yankees definitely helps us momentarily forget how bad things are right now for our team. The Blue Jays are now 54-60 (.474) and are in last place in the American League East, but just 2 games back from the Boston Red Sox for 4th, despite regularly fielding a starting lineup that has more players who began 2012 with the AAA Las Vegas 51s than the Major League Toronto Blue Jays.

Unfortunately, I must announce that the regular Monday Morning Media Mashup will be going into hiatus for the next four Mondays or so, as I will be travelling halfway around the world. If I get a chance I will certainly check in now and then and even try to write some posts (if the technical problems are fixed by then!). But before I leave I give you some links to go with your Monday morning coffee:

Blue Jays Related

Davis makes historic catch -

Mike Wilner says that no Blue Jay, before Rajai Davis, has ever taken a home run away from an opponent at the SkyDome/Rogers Centre. He thinks Devon White's catch from the 1992 World Series topped this one. Let us know what you think in the poll below!

@james_in_to's Blue Jays photos - Updated with Carrie Underwood, yesterday's game, and the annual season ticket holders' event
I shared this link a few months ago: James has amazing seats, an amazing camera, and amazing skills. He captured some pictures from yesterday's win over the Yankees as well as the Blue Jays' season ticket holders' event after the game. Pop over to take a look at his professional-quality photos!

Alex Anthopoulos with Mike Wilner -
Blue Jays General Manager, Alex Anthopoulos joins Mike Wilner.

Toronto Blue Jays’ GM lauds his team’s ‘championship-calibre’ core (excluding the rotation) - National Post
GM Alex Anthopoulos believes that the core of the Blue Jays is as strong as it has ever been since he joined the team. He acknowledged what most of us already know: the area that needs most work is the rotation. No one has a rotation spot secured for 2013 besides Ricky Romero and Brandon Morrow.

Short shopping list -
Mike Cormack covered the same press conference and includes a quote from Anthopoulos: "Trade someone up here for a prospect? That's not where this team is at right now. We're trying to get better and that's going to be with scouting big-league players. From that standpoint, we've definitely allocated more man power in that area." I wonder what starting pitchers are on his wish list for this offseason?

Flashback Friday: Glenallen Hill's Freak Injury - The Blue Jay Hunter
One of my favourite stories about a former Blue Jay, and one of the best freak injuries to happen to a baseball player ever. (Best as in funniest, at least to parties not involved). Also: much thanks to Ian for his kindness last Friday!

More Links after the Jump.

On The Farm

51s hanging tough amid rampant roster turnover - Las Vegas Review-Journal
The view from the other side: the Las Vegas 51s are suffering from the gutting of their lineup thanks to callups, trades, and injuries.

O'Sullivan stabilizes 51s pitching rotation - Las Vegas Review-Journal
The Blue Jays purchased Sean O'Sullivan from the Kansas City Royals in June and now he, along with Shawn Hill, anchors the depleted 51s rotation.

Relief pitcher Tyler Ybarra from Wellington, Kan. -
Lansing Lugnut Tyler Ybarra talks to Larry Hook about the great Lansing fans, the Lugnuts Booster Club, and a bit about himself.

Around The League

Team Home Run Records: American League - Baseball Nation
Jim Baker looks at the franchise home run leader of each of the American League clubs. For the Blue Jays, it is Carlos Delgado (336 HR). Jose Bautista is at 140, needing 197 homers to top the record. He has 4 more years under Blue Jays control and would need to hit 49 a year in order to tie Delgado. Do you think he'll stay around for long enough to supplant Delgado from the throne?

Overthinking It: What Happens When Starters Get Sick - Baseball Prospectus
Ben Lindbergh (Lindblergh?) looks at starting pitchers who have made a start while under the weather.

A Long Season - Baseball is Magic
A baseball season is a long grind, writes Greg Wisniewski, so sometimes one just has to have some fun as Munenori Kawasaki did last week.

DH? What DH? - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation
Relief pitcher Clayton Mortensen batted for the Boston Red Sox in yesterday's game against the Cleveland Indians when DH Jarrod Saltalamacchia was asked to catch in the blowout win. It is the second time this month where a pitcher had batted in an all-AL game (remember when Aaron Loup had to bat in extra innings?).

Ben Sheets an accidental savior for Atlanta Braves - ESPN

It would've been fun to see Ben Sheets in a Blue Jays uniform this year.

FOX-iest baseball fans - Fox Sports
Fox Sports has a Bleacher Report-esque slideshow of baseball's "FOX-iest" fans. For reasons unbeknownst to me, 97% of the girls featured are white.