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Alex Anthopoulos on the Blue Jays Catcher Plans for 2012

Alex Anthopoulos talked a bit about next year's catching situation, after last night's game.

First, Yorvit Torrealba will play in New Hampshire for a few days before joining the team in Detroit for the series against the Tigers starting August 21 (the day before Mrs. Dakers Birthday, but I don't think that will work for a present), barring the Blue Jay injury bug striking before then. I'm ok with it, Gomes had a few good games with the bat, before AL pitchers figured out that he swings at everything. Over the past 2 weeks, Gomes has hit .095/.174/.095. If you want to go back over the last 4 weeks, he is .139/.200/.194. It is great and all that he plays all the positions, but that isn't enough, he's gotta hit something.

I don't think Terrealba will be great, but his defense at catcher will be better than Gomes and he couldn't hit worse.

Alex also said that Jeff Mathis and J.P. Arenciba will be the catching duo next year and that Travis d'Arnaud would have to force his way onto the team, but that he could come up as a DH.

I'd hate that. That's a lot of pressure to put on a rookie's bat. He projects to be a good hitter for a catcher, but it would be hopeful to think he could hit enough to be a good DH in his rookie season. If he can't be behind the plate in Toronto, I'd rather he be behind the plate in the minors.

I'm kind of thinking that I'd like Alex to look to trade JP for a starting pitcher. Or, more likely, JP plus some prospect(s) to get a starting pitcher. It might be a risk to turn the starting catcher job over to a rookie, but it is worth giving Travis the chance.

What would you like to see the Jays do with the catcher's position next year?