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Kevin Comer Reportedly The Player To Be Named In J.A. Happ Trade

Remember how we were all laughing at Astros bloggers for thinking that one of Daniel Norris, Matt Dean, or Kevin Comer would be the player to be named later (PTBNL) in the J.A. Happ trade? Oh. It was just yesterday? Well, according to a Joe Musgrove tweet this morning, that may actually be happening.

Comer (@kevcomer) himself has just retweeted Musgrove's tweet on the trade, seemingly confirming the move.

Musgrove was one of the six named players (along with Francisco Cordero, Ben Francisco, Asher Wojciechowski, Carlos Perez, and David Rollins) who was traded to the Houston Astros for J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon, and David Carpenter back in July.

I, along with many other commenters here, thought that the PTBNL would be some organizational depth guy or maybe a few thousand dollar bills. Losing Kevin Comer in that deal seems to make the price a little too steep to me. Looking at our own prospect ranking, the Blue Jays traded their #14 (Musgrove), #15 (Perez) #18 (Wojciechowski), and #24 (Comer) prospects in that deal for Happ and Carpenter plus a rental on Lyon.

Comer has been doing OK in Bluefield (Rookie level), posting a 3.95 ERA, 1.177 WHIP, 29 strikeouts and just 8 walks in 43 innings. He started 7 of the 10 games in which he made an appearance. There have been reports that his velocity has dropped since he joined professional ball, but he may have been asked to work on something. We can freak out and all, but keep in mind that he is just in rookie ball and still really far from the Major Leagues. But still, it seems like the price of Happ, Carpenter, and Lyon was on the high side.

How do you feel about this?