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Someone Got a Post-It For the 'Dome Friday Aug 17, 2012 Links


Wow. You would think things can't suck any worse. It most certainly did for one fan. My condolences to the fan's family and friends. Edited photo


Fan dies at Blue Jays-White Sox game -
As much as I dislike Youk's crying and complaining about balls and strikes, he did make a wise decision and make the umps stop the game while a man was getting CPR in the stands. Here come words I never thought I'd ever type (and probably will never type again)... Good for Youk.

Sox hit five home runs in 7-2 victory against Blue Jays - Chicago Sun-Times
It can't get any worse than this. AAAA starter, normally reliable relievers implode with an AAA lineup with only three regulars at their normal positions and one DHing due to injury.

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Fan dies after suffering cardiac arrest at Blue Jays-White Sox game | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Oh jeez.

Grandpa's silent plea | Blue Jays | Sports | Toronto Sun
Less than a year after his grandson’s death, Omar Malave quietly is trying to help save his granddaughter, in need of a life-saving operation the family is struggling to afford. Please help if you can.

The Best Lineups to be Perfect Gamed - Beyond the Box Score
Is it any wonder that the Jays of early 1980s didn't get no hit more often? Also of note, five of the lineup were regulars during the 1983-86 run and one was a backup/broadcaster/manager.

Davidi on Jays: Villanueva in the cards? -
Who knew that Charlie V would be the most effective starter of the 2nd half? I certainly didn't.

The Dish: Blue Jays game fare a calorie grand slam -
The Star Health reporter looks at the ballpark food and discovers (shockingly) that it isn't very good for you.

The Blue Jay Hunter: The Blue Jays Catching Conundrum
As this season has shown, you can never have enough... 1) Pitching 2) Elbow surgeries 3) Trainers 4) Bodies 5) Healthy Wrists and now... 6) Catchers

Blue Jays, Astros Complete J.A. Happ Trade with Prospect Kevin Comer - Minor League Ball
Sickels looks at Kevin Comer


Dan Duquette Doesn’t Like Cutters | FanGraphs Baseball
A statement that will get folks up in arms over.

Is 50 Games Too Weak a PED Punishment? | FanGraphs Baseball
Interesting discussion on PEDs in light of the Melky Cabrera mess.

R.A. Dickey friendship bracelets made by his kids removed at umpire’s order | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Some Umps would stomp all over their kids "I love You Daddy" macaroni picture if they could.

Heh: Andruw Jones loses it in the sun (Video) | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
It's not like we haven't seen that happen in Yankee Stadium before (the Johnny Mac to the OF experiment and the Dwayne Wise game) but cue up Yakity Sax.

Baseball History - August 17th - National Pastime - Baseball History
2001 After hitting a double, triple and homer, Blue Jay Jeff Frye elects to turn an apparent additional double in the 7th inning into a single making the infielder only the second player in Blue Jay history to hit for the cycle. Kelly Gruber, the other player to accomplish the feat for the franchise, makes it to the SkyDome in time to give an on-field hug after Frye's fourth at-bat. (Personal Note: Having seen both on TV, I find it rather coincidental that both Jays cycles are capped off by a "single" that should have been for extra bases.)

2008 The Blue Jays set a team record for two-baggers slugging 10 doubles in a 15-4 victory over the Red Sox at Fenway Park.