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O Dallas, You Shine With an Evil Light: 8/17 Game Thread, Texas Rangers at Jays

Hi everyone. Hope the week is going well. The Jays have been faltering big time, but the games go on and each one is a chance for our azure-tinged heroes to get back on track. The Jays try to do that this weekend as they host a series against the Texas Rangers

It's an interesting pitching matchup tonight. Might-have-been-a-Jay Yu Darvish pitches for Texas. Darvish hasn't had a flawless introduction to the majors and he has walked too many, but he has also proven that he can strike out a ridiculous number of hitters as a starter at the MLB level, which bodes well for his future success as he learns American League hitters and strike zones. Davish has had a rocky time of it since the All-Star Break, but had a better start his last time out, though the walks continue to be a big problem.

On the Jays side, J.A. Happ pitches. I never pegged Happ for a good bet as a starter in the AL East, and so far his transition to the Jays hasn't gone smoothly. He's only had two starts, so it's far too soon to judge, but he also wasn't particularly effective in the few long-relief outings he had prior to starting.

I have to say, the Jays made a number of moves this season that puzzled me at the time and have looked even worse in retrospect. Of course, the Bautista trade didn't pay its dividends right away either, so a little more time is fully justified, but in that case, very little was given up so it was a very different situation.

I'm going to the Mets-Nationals game tonight, so I won't be around for the Jays' game. Nothing beats live baseball - I'm continually puzzled by people who say that they prefer watching tv. I have to assume they live in the burbs or far away from a stadium and so going to live games is a hassle. But to each their own.

Anyway, that's it for now. Enjoy the game, and let's go Jays! Oh, and you know the rules. No talking about or posting illegal streams, no posting gifs until the game is concluded, and don't be terrible.

Today's post from the great Silver Jews song "Dallas," off the classic record The Natural Bridge.