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You'll Never Meet No Decent Girls At Dallas Honky-Tonks: 8/18 Game Thread, Rangers at Jays

The Jays took a close one yesterday, and today can take the home series and make it two games in a row. Baby Steps.

Roy Oswalt pitches for Texas. The veteran righty has had a rough go of it, particularly with regards to the longball. His 6.53 ERA looks bad at first blush. -On the other hand, he has struck out 38 and walked just 7 in 40 innings, so perhaps better days are on the horizon for Roy. His 3.42 xFIP certainly suggests as much.

Carlos Villanueva, as was noted in last night's recap, is apparently our ace now. You can't argue with his results, though, as Villanueva continues to pitch well out of the rotation and is coming off a start in which he struck out 8 and walked 1 over 7 one-run innings. Overall, his FIP, xFIP, and SIERRA all sit under 4, so he's got the peripherals to back up his excellent results.

I'm heading out for a nice 10-mile trail run now, but I'll be back for some of the game. jessef and I have a nice little homebrew operation going in the basement, and we've got some bottling to do of the Dumbarton Oaks Pale Ale (named after one of my favorite places in DC to wander around the woods). Also, I finally broke down and got myself a drum kit, so that is supposedly coming today. Very exciting stuff. Anyway, see you in the game thread!

You know the rules, no illegal streams, no gifs (until the game is over), and please don't be terrible.

Today's title comes from the hard to spell song by the Old 97s, Coahuila.