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WAR Replacement Level Team Finishes off Replacement Level Homestand. Texas 11, McCoy 2.

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This game stunk. It started off well as Hendu took 9 pitches to get out of the 1st inning and did okay in the 2nd inning. Amazingly (considering the final score) the Jays even got a quick 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 2nd off Matt Harrison. After that it was all Texas as they took out their big bats and proceeded with a Texas sized whomping on the remains of the Toronto Blue Jays.

As Nadia pointed out in the game thread, it was noted that Henderson Alvarez made Jays history by being the 1st Jays starter to allow 12+ hits, 8+ ERs in 4 1/3 innings or less. Not exactly a "Great Moment" in Blue Jays history that will be relived with a SportsNet Commercial.

Some guy unlamented ex-GM Gord Ash traded away to Texas pretty much beat the entire Toronto lineup by himself with five RBIs. No Jay earned Jay of the Day even Mike McCoy who accounted for both of the Jays runs (RBI ground out and solo HR.) Suckage Jays? I can't give it to all of them. Based on WPA, Henderson earned his Uber Suckage Jay award with a -.355 but heavily discounted due to the update.

Oh well. The season of injury continues in Detroit on Tuesday (according to Allan/Buck, Brett could return.) Title thanks to MjwW.


Henderson Alvarez was told of a death in his family in the morning of today's start. Our condolences go out to Henderson's family. Thanks to mr10am for the tip.