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Another Bad Night, Jays Lose To Mariners

Blue Jays 3 Mariners 5

We really need a manager that can see when a pitcher is tiring. Or maybe just not a manager that can see when his pitcher is tiring, but decides to leave him out there for a couple more batters anyway.

We lost because Carlos Villanueva hung a pitch to Eric Thames. As Zaun pointed out, Carlos shook Mathis off twice before throwing the hanger But we could have pulled him after that and still had a tie. But no, Farrell sends him out for another inning. That inning went fly out, double, ground out, single (run scores), single and ground out. We were lucky just to give up the one run.

Carlos looked good for 4 innings, but then gave up 3 runs in the next 2 innings. In total 6 innings, 7 hits, 4 earned, 0 walks, 6 k, 1 home run.

Aaron Loup came out for the 7th, got 2 quick outs then gave up a double and a run scoring single. Brad Lincoln pitched in his first game as a Jay, throwing a perfect 1.1.

On offense Colby Rasmus homered in the first, Kelly Johnson in the 4th, both solo shots. David Cooper scored on a Jeff Mathis sac fly in the 5th and that was all our scoring. We had 7 hits, 2 each for Rasmus and Davis. Brett Lawrie, Edwin Encarnacion, Yunel Escobar and Mathis had 0 fors.

Colby Rasmus (.110) gets Jay of the Day. Suckage to Carlos (-.329), and Edwin (-.110). Edwin, like almost everyone else in the lineup, is in a bad slump.

Rajai had a good day with the bat, but also had the dumb baserunning move of the month (yeah, I know it is the first, no one is going to top this). He and Anthony Gose were on 2nd and 3rd. Davis took off to steal 3rd, we were all looking forward to seeing Anthony and Davis pull a double steal, but Rajai stopped. You can't do that on a double steal. The trailing runner has to break. It all ended with Davis caught stealing ending the inning.

That was on awful series. The Jays head off to Oakland for 4 games against the A's. It can't go worse than this one did. Right?