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Now pitch hitting for Jesse F: TFSML!

Striding to the plate is the 6'3" 205lbs Gamethread author who has had some success at the major league blogging level but recently he took a step back. Hopefully he can turn his game around and regain his top prospect status. Let's see what he can do in this pitch hit opportunity...

Tonight Ricky Romero drags his 9 game losing streak -let me say that again- his NINE GAME LOSING STREAK into the confines of Comerica Park in 'scenic' Detroit of Michigania. He'll be in tough against Miguel "Man With No Nickname' Cabrera, Prince 'of Darkness' Fielder and one Max 'Crazy Eye' Scherzer.

Still no sign of the Great Canadian Tattooed Hope: Brett "The Say EH Kid" Lawrie so the inspiration to oldsters everywhere Omar 'Oldmar' Vizquel will take his place at 3B -fierce!

It should be noted that Max Scherzer has the best strikeouts-per-nine-innings rate in all of baseball at 11.4 and is second in the league in total K's. He'll be looking to improve on his K totals(178) and best his rotation mate Justin Verlander's MLB leading total of 180 batters killed(I assume that's what 'K' stands for*).

I'm not sure what all this means but it doesn't sound good for Ricky and our hero's.

More after the hump...

Now that we've crossed over the threshold of this Gamethread I'm going to clue you, the members of this site into a new policy that the moderators are considering. If you don't read the GameThread we're going to start issuing warnings. How will you prove I didn't read the Gamethread you ask? Well read on...

If you get through this entire Gamethread I expect you to either comment with a "GO JAYS GO" or rec one of those comments. All those without a comment in the 'GJG!' train or rec of same will be exposed as lazy non readers who look at GTDs and say FRAT! When Mods inspect your profile they will find PROOF of your disdain and shiftless nature! We'll be able to comprise a list of those who read and those who don't -I'm looking at you Joey Kirby.

We take the time to write these things, the least you could do is scan it for your name. (We're not really issuing warnings unless Bowling_Guy feels like it)

Ricky Romero

#24 / Pitcher / Toronto Blue Jays





Nov 06, 1984

Max Scherzer

#37 / Pitcher / Detroit Tigers





Jul 27, 1984


1. Rajai Davis (R) LF 1. Austin Jackson (R) CF
2. Colby Rasmus (L) CF 2. Omar Infante (R) 2B
3. Edwin Encarnacion (R) DH 3. Miguel Cabrera (R) 3B
4. David Cooper (L) 1B 4. Prince Fielder (L) 1B
5. Yunel Escobar (R) SS 5. Jhonny Peralta (R) SS
6. Kelly Johnson (L) 2B 6. Delmon Young (R) DH
7. Omar Vizquel (S) 3B 7. Jeff Baker (R) RF
8. Jeff Mathis (R) C 8. Andy Dirks (L) LF
9. Anthony Gose (L) RF 9. Gerald Laird (R) C

*Scorer's Note: The term "K" is largely attributed to Henry Chadwick and another sports writer named MJ Kelly who together are responsible for much of today's scoring notation. But why a "K"? Well they had already used the "S" for "sacrifice". So the "K" in Strike or Struck stood in place of the "S". Some argue that the 3 strokes it takes to write the letter "K" is representative of the 3 strikes need to retire a batter. We don't know for sure but that's a neat idea.

The Rules:


be a Mule Jack.

be a douche.

be too miserable.


fantasy talk.

gifs or images till after the game.


debate whether JPA or TDA get traded in the off season.

be awesome to each other.

stop lurking and say hi.

send me money.

Stay strong and I'll see you on the beach in the comments and as always: GO JAYS GO!