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The Too Tired to Write Recap Last Night. Orioles 6, Jays 4.

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On the bright side, the no longer Jedi-less Jays scored 4, 4!!!!! runs. On the bad side, the Jays pitched to Chris Davis who smashed 3Hrs and got 4 RBIs.

Again, the Jays got a lead in the 2nd inning when Edwin Encarnacion doubled and Kelly Johnson (yes, that Kelly Johnson) promptly singled him in off Zach Britton. However, Zach kept the Jays down after that.

Meanwhile Chris Davis hit a homer leading off the bottom of the 2nd and then did it again in the 4th. Everything fell apart for Carlos in the 6th with 1 out. Single, double, sac fly and Chris Davis comes up. Steve Delabar comes on to pitch at that point. Maybe an intentional walk? Nope, the Jays pitched to him and boom. 2 run HR. Pretty much the game.

The Jays did some hurt to the Orioles BP. Rajai Davis had an RBI double off Darren O'Day (sidearmer) in the 7th with two out (run charged to Britton.) Then Jeff Mathis launched a 2 run HR in the 9th off of Matt Lindstrom. However, Jim Johnson came on and shut it down. The end.

Jose Bautista went 0-4 in his first game back.

Jay of the Day: Edwin Encarnacion.

Suckage Jays of the Day: Colby Rasmus and Steve Delabar.

Today's game is at 7:00pm Brandon Morrow vs Steve Johnson