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What Would You Expect From the Red Sox, If We Were To Let Them Have John Farrell?

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Shi Davidi, over at, has a post on the the continuing talk out of Boston about stealing our manager. In his opinion, Alex should either, very publicly, sign John Farrell to an extension, clearly marking him as ours and ours alone, or work out a deal with the Red Sox for him.

On the trade side:

More intriguing was Olney suggesting a trade of Farrell for Daniel Bard should the manager decline overtures to stay beyond the believed expiry of his contract following the 2013 season.

I don't know, I guess Bard is interesting, in the sort of 'buy low' way. As Shi notes, Bard has a 7.03 ERA in 31 games (1 start) in Pawtucket (if I wasn't so sure that we were moving our Triple-A team to Buffalo, I'd suggest trading Farrell for the rights to Pawtucket). If I'm giving up Farrell, I want more than a buy low guy that the Red Sox may have ruined.

So, with the worry that I'm opening up the door to a bunch of Farrell hate (yes, he doesn't do everything the way I'd like him to, but I do understand he comes at things from a different spot than I do), what would you expect in return for Farrell, if we were to let him go,or would you rather the Jays extend his contract, and make sure that the rest of the MLB know that he is ours and staying ours. They won't give us Dustin Pedroia, let's keep it somewhat plausible.

There are a lot of presumptions here, I've no clue that Farrell would want to go, the team does look like a mess at the moment. I also get the feeling that , considering all the trades the Red Sox have made, that they plan to keep Valentine. They were dumb enough to sign him, why would we think they suddenly got smart enough to want to get rid of him.