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Thursday Open Thread: Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE
Kelly Johnson Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

I'm running around a bunch today, so let's just have an open thread for the afternoon.

Use this to talk about anything you want to Blue Jay related.

If you want a topic to kick it off, how about second base next year. Kelly Johnson has had, how to put it, a trying season, what do you think the Jays should do with him and the position next year?

I'm of the opinion that Kelly's season relates to the lack of alternatives on the bench. Kelly's been hurting for most of the season, and yet we really don't have someone that we can put in his spot for a week, so that Kelly could heal up. We've had so many players on the DL that, I'm sure, Kelly has felt the pressure to play through things he shouldn't have.

His season started well, he was hitting .364/.391/.473 on May 3. At the end of May he was hitting .256/.351/.433. Then things went bad. His line for June was .227/.300/.289 and July .203/.294/.351. August has been even worst, .167/.247/.310.

I guess the question is 'which is the real Kelly Johnson?' If you believe he's the guy not hitting his weight, that the first couple of months was a mirage, then we shouldn't bring him back. But, if you think the first couple of months was his true talent level, then you'll think we should bring him back.

I'm sure he'll be looking for a 1 year contract, to prove himself again. I have no idea if he would like to stay with the Jays. Maybe this year soured him on the team.

He's an example of something I've long believed. As much as we admire players playing through injuries, in baseball it isn't a good idea. To hit a ball traveling 90 MPH, everything has to go right. If there is a nagging pain, things aren't going to go right. It's best to take time off to get healthy. It is also important to have a good bench, so players can take days off and get rest.

Anyway, what do you think the Jays should do about second base next year?