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Great Throw By Moises Sierra Saves Game For Jays

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Rays 1 Blue Jays 2

Wow, that was just an amazing throw by Moises Sierra. Maybe the most exciting finish to a game for the Jays this year. Casey Janssen, win a 1 run lead in the 9th, gave up[ a lead of single, moved up to second on a sac fly/. After a strikeout, Carlos Pena singled to right and Moises threw a strike from right field and Jeff Mathis held on to the ball, with Elliot Johnson trying to run him over.

Rajai Davis also threw a runner out at the plate. Who thought he had it in him? Great job Rajai.

Great start for Brandon Morrow. 6.2, 8 hits, 1 walks, 5 k and just 1 earned. He was helped out by some nice defense. Steve Delabar pitched a great 1.1, getting 3 strikeouts. And Casey got his 19th save, but it really should go to Sierra.

Our offense came on 2 hits, homers by Edwin Encarnacion and Sierra. Beyond that we didn't do much, just 2 more singles.

Jays of the day are Morrow (.297 WPA), Delabar (.191), Edwin (.144). Casey had the number (.173) but I'm giving his to Sierra. No Suckage Jays.

3 wins in a row!!!!

Tomorrow Henderson Alvarez (7-11, 4.97) tries to make it 4 straight. Jeff Niemann (2-3, 3.38) gets the ball for the Rays. Great job again Blue Jays.